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It’s so challenging to write an origin story. When did this idea first come to mind? To be honest, we don’t know. Unlike many startup entrepreneurs our “origin” story feels more like an “alternative ending”.  


Bitesize is a reflection of our friendship - of 3 girls in their 20s living away from home, sharing stories, experiences, ups and downs, an apartment, and most importantly, our love of food.



Our Human Grammarly

Hey guys! I’m Wei Qing. I graduated from UC Davis in 2020 (peak pandemic vibes), moved to Malaysia soon after,  and am currently working at an ad agency as a digital marketing strategist. In my day-to-day work life, I help companies get their name out into the world and connect them to people who would love their products! 


Because I’m living alone for the first time, I am ALL about quick & easy recipes! It’s also because I have the attention span of a goldfish and struggle with measurements. I am super excited to branch out from my usual cereal & oat diet and make more gluten-free foods on the weekends, especially because there aren’t too many GF options here! 



Our Momager

Hello everyone, I’m Ilona. I graduated from UC Davis in 2019 and am now a Food Technologist at Annie’s Homegrown. I like to think that my 9-5 job is dedicated to saving the mac and cheese world - so it’s true that not all heroes wear capes, some wear aprons haha just kidding!

With my food science degree and current job, I guess there’s no use in hiding that I’m a huge food dork through and through. More recently, I am trying to get more in touch with cooking styles and flavors from Southeast Asia - what better way to self explore than through the food I grew up with! Hoping to share tips and learn from you all too!



Our Constant Hype Girl

Hi hello, I’m Briana, ⅓ of the bitesize team! I’m a recent UC Davis graduate and am now working as an associate in a litigation consulting firm in the Bay Area. Entering the adult world and working 9-5 for the first time, I realized that nothing can cheer me up from a day of battling excel formulas and audits the way food can.

This love for cooking is new for me, in fact not too long ago, I set off the fire alarm boiling water for pasta. I was also ~that person~ who microwaved (then quickly burned) a piece of brownie for 2 minutes when all it needed was a good 30 seconds. But hey, we love growth! This just shows that if I can do it, so can you!

Although we live very different lives during the day, when the clock hits 6pm, we know it's dinner time. And just like that, our routines seamlessly merge. Dinner time meant that the kitchen was always hectic, with ingredients flying and plates piling. We love to cook, but we enjoy sitting down and eating a meal together even more. It’s through these times that we learn about each other’s yesterdays, todays and tomorrows.


Realizing this, we wanted to extend it even further. With our collection of recipes and stories, we invite you to join us at our dinner table. Here’s our side of the story and we cannot wait to hear yours. 

So let’s sit, chat and enjoy the meal.


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