It’s so challenging to write an origin story. When did this idea first come to mind? To be honest, we don’t know. Unlike many startup entrepreneurs our “origin” story feels more like an “alternative ending”.  


Despite sharing a 1000-square-foot apartment, we all lead different lives, with routines that rarely overlap.



Our Human Grammarly

Wei Qing Lim, a recent Human Development and Psychology graduate, is taking her first steps as an alum, helping a startup grow with her killer marketing skills.



Our Momager

Ilona Salim, a young professional with a food science degree, is dedicated to saving the mac and cheese world from her kitchen in her 9 to 5 job.


Our Constant Hype Girl

Briana Salim, our soon-to-be Managerial Economics and Communication graduate, spends her day in the battle field against excel formulas and audits in her summer internship at a consulting firm.

While we love what we do during the day, we are all eager for the clock to hit 6 pm-- dinner time. The kitchen is always hectic, with ingredients flying and plates piling up in the sink, but the end result is always memorable. We love to cook, but we enjoy sitting down and eating a meal together even more. Our meals become events that we talk about for days, and are always highlights in conversation with our friends and family. We soon realized that food, like gluten, bonds. 


Realizing this effect, we didn’t want to stop there. With our collection of recipes and stories, we invite you to join us at our dinner table! Here’s our side of the story, and we can’t wait to hear yours.


So let’s sit, chat and enjoy the meal.